American Capitalism is Broken
Stand up for Democratic Capitalism
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BLAKE ASHBY, libertarian candidate FOR PRESIDENT
We Need to Fix American Capitalism

Until the 1980s the wealth our economy created was broadly distributed – everybody got to benefit from our capitalist system. Over the last few decades almost all of the wealth created has gone to a small part of our population. This wasn’t a natural result of capitalism. It happened because the Keepers of Capitalism allowed a second set of rules to be slipped into different parts of our economy that only benefitted a small part of our population. We need to end this second set of rules. We need to fix our capitalism.

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What’s Democratic Capitalism? 

Fix What We Have. We don’t need to transform our country. We certainly don’t need a Revolution, whatever that means. We just need to get back to the things we know work, Democratic Capitalism, to fixing what we have.

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Capitalism v Socialism

To understand what’s gone wrong with our country, we have to start with what we got right. What we got right was a compromise in the 1930s that created the democratic capitalist system that we have today.

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Help Fix What We Have.
We need to again make sure that every citizen has the ability and the opportunity to participate in our economic system.
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