Fix what
we have.
Stand up for Democratic Capitalism
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It’s the Compromise that Made America Great

My name is Blake Ashby, and I am running for President because SOMEONE needs to stand up for Democratic Capitalism.  
Not Democratic Socialism.  Not Social Democracy.  Not Unregulated Capitalism.  Good old fashioned American Democratic Capitalism.  
It’s what made our country great.

It’s not that hard to understand.  We stick with capitalism, the free market, but we use the power of democracy to ensure everyone has a chance to participate in our economy, everyone shares in its benefits and everyone plays by the same set of financial and legal rules.


What’s Democratic Capitalism? 

Fix What We Have. We don’t need to transform our country. We certainly don’t need a Revolution, whatever that means. We just need to get back to the things we know work, Democratic Capitalism, to fixing what we have.

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Capitalism v Socialism

To understand what’s gone wrong with our country, we have to start with what we got right. What we got right was a compromise in the 1930s that created the democratic capitalist system that we have today.

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Help Fix What We Have.
We need to again make sure that every citizen has the ability and the opportunity to participate in our economic system.
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