Blake Ashby

Blake Ashby was a candidate in the 2020 Libertarian Presidential Primary.  He ran because he believes our country is off track, and has been for a while.  We are being pulled from one extreme to the other.  But the extremes on either side aren’t the answer - the middle is.  The middle is democratic capitalism, the free market moderated by democracy.  It worked for us for a long time, and we have slipped away from it.  We need to get back to it.  To making sure everyone has the tools and opportunities to participate in our capitalist economy, and everyone plays by the same set of rules.  Blake’s goal in running has to help pull our country back towards democratic capitalism, towards the center.  We have this great, beautiful country, based on a system we know works.  We don’t need to transform our country, and we don’t need a revolution, whatever that means.  We need to fix what we have.  

Blake Ashby is a business consultant and sometimes entrepreneur that lives with his wife Dara (and dogs) in Ferguson, Missouri.  Many years ago he was involved in Republican politics, working for candidates for Governor and Congress.  Frustrated by the direction of the Republican Party, he ran as a protest candidate in the 2004 Republican President Primary*, and left the party several years ago.  He formally joined the Libertarian Party earlier this year.

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Help Fix What We Have.
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